Some Short Meaning in Communication System’s


SIM         = Subscriber Identity Module
RIM        = Removable Identity Module
GSM        = Global System For Mobile
LAN        = Local Area Network
WAN       = Wide Area Network
FDM        = Frequency Division Multiplexing
SDR         = Software Defined Radio
ATM       = Asynchronous Transfer Mode
DCA        = Dynamic Channel Allocation
FCA        = Fixed Channel Allocation
WWW     = World Wide Web
AMPS     = Advance Mobile Phone System
IMTS      = Improved Mobile Telephone System
CDMA    = Code Division Multiple Access
MTSO     = Mobile Telephone Switching Office
HTML    = Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP      = Hypertext Transfer Protocol
FIDI        = Fiber Distributed Data Interface
ISDN       = Integrated Services Digital  Network
PSTN      = Public Switched Telephone Network
CSMA      = Carrier Sense Multiple Access
RADAR   = Radio Detection And Ranging
SONET     = Synchronous Optical Fiber Network
DAMPS    = Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System
TCP/IP    = Transmission  Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
DECNET   = Digital Equipment Corporation Network
ARPANET  = Advanced Research Project Agency Network
INTERNET = International Network

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