How To Uninstall Applications via Manager…..!!!


Uninstall Applications via Manager

When you cannot uninstall an application (most of the time Java games) using the Manager function of the mobile phone, then do this:

1. Install Explorer.

2. Launch it and go to the path/ folder of the Application. I’m assuming you have install it to the MMC so the path would be something like, E:\system\apps and you will see lots of folders in there that is only labeled by numbers(for Java games/apps) or the name of the application. Go though them one by one. Open the text file in that folder to exactly know the name of the application in that particular folder if you don’t see any icons or familiar name.

3. Then if it’s the correct folder, “move-out” of the folder, click on Options>File>Delete.

4. Then go to the Manager to uninstall it if it’s still listed.

5. Reboot.

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