Using the Microsoft Publisher Task Pane




Click-on Flyers in Microsoft Publisher Task Pane (on the left side of your screen).

On the right side of the screen you will now see Flyer template design styles for a number of different

Flyers (Accent Box, Arcs, etc.).












Use the “elevator bar” on the right side of the Flyers area to move up and down to see the various Flyer design templates.  Also notice that as you

come to a new style that it will be highlighted in orange.  Notice, as you view the various types of Flyers, that you can have those “little tear off

things” with your phone number on the bottom. We’ll show you how to do this.

3Next, click-on Brochures in the Microsoft Publisher Task PaneNotice, when you click, a number of different types of

brochures appear below the brochure selection (Informational, Price List, Event, etc).  Use the elevator bar on the right

of the Brochures area, which now appears, to view the various types of brochures.  While you are doing this,

notice the differences between the various types of brochures.









When you have viewed brochures, to your satisfaction, click-on Newsletters in the Microsoft Publishe

 Task Pane (as you did for Brochures and Flyers).  Notice again, there are several different

types of NewslettersUse the elevator bar on the right of letters to move down the various Newsletter styles.


Now, proceed down the Publication Types list and click-on any of the publications in which you are interested –

Postcards, Business Cards, Calendars, Award Certificates, Paper Airplanes – whatever you want to look at.



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