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Today we are discuss VTP protocol. This protocol is very cisco switch platform. So,  develop an idea……………

VLAN Trunking Protocol

Cisco switches use the proprietary VTP to exchange VLAN configuration information between switches.VTP defines a Layer 2 messaging protocol that allows the switches to exchange VLAN configuration information so that the VLAN configuration stays consistent throughout a network. For instance, if you want to use VLAN 3 and name it “accounting,” you can configure that information in one switch, and VTP will distribute that information to the rest of the switches.VTP manages the additions, deletions, and name changes of VLANs across multiple switches, minimizing misconfigurations and configuration inconsistencies that can cause problems, such as duplicate VLAN names or incorrect VLAN-type settings.

VTP makes VLAN configuration easier. However, you have not yet seen how to configure VLANs, so to better appreciate VTP, consider this example: If a network has ten interconnected switches, and parts of VLAN 3 were on all ten switches, you would have to enter the same config command on all ten switches to create the VLAN. With VTP, you would create VLAN 3 on one switch, and the other nine switches would learn about VLAN 3 dynamically.

The VTP process begins with VLAN creation on a switch called a VTP server. The changes are distributed as a broadcast throughout the network. Both VTP clients and servers hear the VTP messages and update their configuration based on those messages. So VTP allows switched network solutions to scale to large sizes by reducing the manual configuration needs in the network.

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