What is Personal Area Network or PAN and How does it works.


Personal Area Network:- The communication network established for the purpose of connecting computer devices of personal use is known as the personal area network PAN.When a network is established by connecting phone lines to personal digital devices or PDAs (personal digital assistants), this communication is known as PAN (Personal Area Network).

How does PAN works:- The basic purpose of  establishing PAN (Personal Area Network) is provide a communication channel to the individuals, who want to carry their own digital devices .however  at the same they want to stay in contact with the network. PAN (Personal Area Network) networks often cover an area of 30 feet. Personal computer devices may include palm tops mobile phones, potable media players, play stations and net books. These devices help a person to browse internet while traveling, to write notes and to send instant messages. These personal digital devices assist a person to develop networks and communicate via intranet, internet or even extranet. There are many wireless technologies which are helpful in developing wireless personal area network. Personal area networks (PAN) are developed either using cables or wireless technologies.Wireless PAN (Personal Area Network) is connected to the wired PAN (Personal Area Network) system either using firewire or USB.

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