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after long distance i am going to discus about windows easy transfer method.its a nearby improtant issue for users often lets discuss………


often users need to work at computer with his or her user information at different computer.its means that when he or she need to create his information at different computer freshly he or she can do it by windows easy this method user can get the same user information or environment with windows.


At first we have to install 2 virtual machine with windows 7 named nyc-cl1+nyc-cl2. we also have to do the total process to run or work with that’s 2 virtual machine.we have to set different background at 2 machine instead of checking our working lets go……….

After completing the installation ,in nyc-cl1 pc right click on network icon at notification area.then open  open network shearing the dialog box select local area connection→properties→select ipv4 version→properties→check the following ip address box→set the ip as and set the subnet mask.close the dialog box. go to windows firewall settings→from the left task pane turn off windows firewall and check the all red cross box and then close the dialog box.

We have to do the same procedure at other pc nyc-cl2 with different ip address. Open the nyc-cl1 pc go to start menu →run→cmd→write ping (to see the ping status of the other pc).if the ping status comes continuously that means the connection is set properly.

again open  the nyc-cl1 pc.go to start button→all programs→accessories→system tools→windows easy transfer→click next→select in a network option→select as a this is my old computer… after pressing next we will get a code.write down the code in a next.Now the program will continue.

Open the nyc-cl2 pc .go to start……open widows easy transfer……next…….select in a network option…… this is my new computer………connect WID my old computer which running windows windows 7………put the code into the box and click next……….transfer…….close.the process is finished.wait for some times and then check the windows which we transferred.

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    thanks for ur detail posting about WINDOWS EASY TRANSFER METHOD BY NETWORKING. sometimes we need to know details. so we can get help via your post. thanks again.

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